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Devam Eden Atölye Çalışması

Azimut Informatics

Azimut is an informatics and information technology company founded in 2018. Since 2019, it continues its project development, implementation and commercialization activities in Teknopol Istanbul Technology Development Zone.

Our Services

We develop software and architecture with our staff specialized in the management and control of artificial intelligence and internet of things, and we offer the optimum hardware option.

Artificial Intelligence

We produce the most appropriate artificial intelligence solutions related to your business and do research and development with the philosophy of continuous development management.

Internet of Things

We contribute to many research and development projects in the industry in order to find the right solutions for smart device interaction.


We supply the most suitable architecture and hardware, where the software for the solution will work, at optimum costs.

Mobile Device Diagnostics and Data Wiping


Buy back/trade operations for mobile devices, it is a legal obligation to determine that the device functions are functioning properly and to permanently delete the information in the storage units.

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"What I have experienced in Azimut's trainers' training, has brought a new dimension to my educator identity."

Alper Avci

Talent Specialist, Educator

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