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Diagnostics & Data Wiping

You trade second-hand phones, or you sell brand new phones to people who exchange old phones. If the owner of the phone did not permanently erase the stırage unit (according to the regulation, this is the responsibility of those who buy the phone or sell new phones in exchange), personal information and documents and all kinds of data in memory can be recovered and restored even if the phone is restored to the factory settings. The seizure, use, and public disclosure of all, some or even one of these data, which are also within the scope of the law on the protection of personal data, by second parties, imposes criminal sanctions for those who cause this.

You may come across apps on the internet that claim to do permanent deletion. It is useful to take a look at the comments under the applications. Permanent erasure is actually writing random, aperiodic data over and over. This happens only by writing the random information transferred to the SSD. It means that an application that deletes everything must preserve itself and its logic must be different.

It is a rational option to permanently delete the mobile device you receive, preventing malicious 3rd and 4th party service providers from accessing information and avoiding liability, even if you are doing repairs rather than second hand mobile device trade.

Despite the legal imposition in our country, this obligation is ignored these days. Stakeholders in the sector have witnessed the disclosure of personal information to the public by second parties, the use of threats-blackmail, or at least the circulation of them for commercial purposes, and in some serious cases, high compensation was paid as punishment and imprisonment decisions were imposed. With the latest regulation, it is clear that we will witness more personal data leakage incidents that actually happened but did not occur. Because the consumer will demand more sanctions on this issue, he will use this issue more rightfully for his benefit, and he will not hide it.

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